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TV is better with friends.

But sometimes they're not in the neighborhood.

With Watch Party, distance doesn't matter anymore. Binge entire seasons and host movie nights from Netflix or Disney+ with anyone, anywhere. We'll make sure everyone's seeing the same thing.

Why watch alone?

Available on Chrome & Firefox for Desktop. Help keep our servers running.

Works just as it should.

Browse and watch shows as you normally would on or We'll make sure the whole party is seeing the same thing by synchronizing everyone's playback.

Any episode, anytime.

We get it, not all episodes were created equal. If you want to skip around, we won't judge. In fact, we'll make sure the party keeps up with you.

So, how do I use this thing?

We designed Watch Party to be easy to use, and we hope you agree!

1). Once you've installed the extension, just start watching anything on Netflix or Disney+ and you'll see a new icon in the top right corner of the video if you move your mouse around.

2). Click that, and if you're not already in one, there should be a button to start a party.

3). Once you've started a party, you can share the invite link with all of your friends!

After they click the link, they'll automatically join the party and start watching with you.


Q). How does it work?

A). Our browser extension is able to talk to the Netflix/Disney+ player as well as the rest of your party. When we see someone pause, play, etc., we relay that information to the rest of the party so that everyone's watching together.

Q). Does that mean everyone needs their own Netflix/Disney+ account?

A). Yes. Because we're only relaying your controls, the video itself still comes from Netflix/Disney+. This means that everyone in the party will need their own Netflix/Disney+ account.

Q). Does that mean everyone needs to have the extension installed?

A). Yes. The extension is what receives controls from the rest of the party. Without it, your party won't be able to control your player, and vice versa.

Watch Party

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